Today, innovation is viewed as the main impetus behind enhancements in healthcare. When you take a gander at the pace of progress and ongoing developments, many think that it’s hard not to concur with that perception. Healthcare is evolving. It is getting more coordinated with innovation consistently, making healthcare organizations reexamine their way of business. Digital healthcare today will consistently rely on providing patients with the most ideal care delivery. However, as patient expectations change, hospitals and clinics should be proactive in adopting next-gen technologies like AI healthcare assistants to deliver a fully engaged patient-focused experience.

While some are slow…

AI in healthcare is a fundamental instrument that is transforming patient journeys and reshaping clinical care. Currently, users are playing a more definitive part in their medical care venture as they bear greater duty regarding the expense of care. Moreover, with coverage-related government orders they expect quick, top notch and accurate information to help them make keen, savvy choices.

90% of US hospitals will utilize

AI-powered bots to save lives and improve their quality of care by 2025.

We cannot deny that we live in the age of technology, and healthcare is no exception. Whenever an individual feels sick or…

For decades, brands have interacted with consumers in a linear fashion unlike omnichannel strategy, having a single type of touchpoint to address their issues. But today, customer service is not limited within the spheres of support phone lines. Consumers reach out to brands through various channels: email, web, text, voice, message, and social media. Rather, we can say omnichannel is now the new buzzword in the contact center industry. Despite its growing popularity, many organizations still hesitate to integrate new applications into their business operations. But, why?

There have been underlying reasons behind this lack of adoption. Most contact centers…

In today’s digital-first business landscape, speed and agility are the keys to thrive in the market and outpace the competition. Still, many organizations lack the right technologies and processes that can speed up their operations, ensure compliance & accuracy, and scale-up production. Leading enterprises have been leveraging low-code platforms to close major operational gaps in their existing business processes by digitizing manual, time-consuming spreadsheet works. Moreover, organizations worldwide have been focusing on API-level integrations while kicking off their automation journey to ensure seamless connectivity to their core business applications with advanced options like free flow and data sync.

Be it…

Enterprise Bot’s upcoming webinar will showcase how individuals can create relevant business cases for decision-makers by leveraging a ready-to-use toolkit and ROI calculator.

“Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of .”

- Bill Gates

In a report by Zendesk, it was observed that around 35% of customers expect to be able to interact with the same support executive across all channels [1]. In other words, the customer expects to communicate without interruptions or having to reintroduce themselves and the problem.

Automating (or rather, Hypera-automating) customer interaction synergies using advanced technologies like Conversational AI, NLP, Meta-Learning and even Deep Learning…

Top Use Cases of Intelligent Process Automation in Banking

In the first part of our blog series we have centered our focus on various operational challenges banking enterprises have been dealing with, how deploying virtual assistants will augment banking CX, finally the potential Enterprise Bot’s BankAI holds in revamping contact center operations.

Let’s now move to the various applications of intelligent process automation in banking in the 2nd part of our blog:

Streamline Your Core Banking Processes with Intelligent Process Automation

Report Generation:

Generating suspicious activity reports ( SAR) is a regular requirement in banking institutions. However, reading manually through reports and updating details in the SAR form is time-consuming and involves high cost.

Enterprise Bot’s BankAI powered by NLP…

Intelligent process automation in banking brings in a scalable, seamless & secure solution that redefines banking across all processes, experiences & customers. Are you ready to scale up?

It would not be a wrong assertion to say that banks all over the world are facing the heat to ensure a profitable bottom line consistently. Increasing regulations, compliance & reporting requirements, competitive business landscape, and rapid technological advancements have pressed net revenues for banks and have impelled them to look inwards to boost operational productivity.

What makes the situation considerably more unwieldy is the point at which a few banks neglect…

Boost Customer Experience (CX) with Emotion AI

Just in case you imagine that all chatbots are designed similarly, you’re shockingly off base. Chatbots today come in all shapes and measures and have varying capacities. While fundamental chatbots might be satisfactory for handling basic operations, to improve the customer experience at an enterprise-level you need advanced virtual assistants that are able to understand user sentiments and carry out human-like interactions round-the-clock across all channels.

On the other side, don’t go over the edge and construct an intricate chatbot with AI abilities that can compete well in the market. Having a good chatbot doesn’t ensure success. …

Transform your customer experience in banking with Intelligent process automation

How well do banking enterprises know their customers and why does it even matter?

In an era where customer experience can either make or break a brand, staying on top of your customers’ preferences to sustain in the competitive market. Let’s look at a few questions to understand what should be your top priority at this moment:

-Am I able to solve customers’ issues in real-time?

-Am I able to keep the customer interaction seamless & faster?

-Where my target customers are, which channels they prefer for buying, do I have the right engagement strategies in their preferred channel?


6 Tips to Right Implementation

Have you at any point had an awful experience with a chatbot? Obviously, you have! Maybe the chatbot totally missed the aim of your message, or you stalled out a ceaseless circle pattern of “I didn’t comprehend, would you be able to have a go at rewording your inquiry?” Perhaps you went through 10 minutes conversing with a bot to accomplish something you might have completed yourself in five.

To be true, an enormous number of conversational chatbots don’t accomplish their yearnings. But for what reason does this happen over and over? …

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